Anarchy, Orwell, and Torture: Interviews and Reviews (August 2018)

My work has gotten a little attention the past few weeks, with interviews and reviews on a number of topics:

Anarchy!  Anarchy?

I did an interview with KBOO about my pamphlet Whither Anarchism? I think the host, Bill Resnick, is more optimistic about the left than I am, but we still had a friendly chat.


Orwell?  Orwell!

Two reviews of Between the Bullet and the Lie:

Antoine Capet offers a mostly favorable review, with an exhaustive summary of the collection’s contents.  Hans Rollmann at Popmatters offers a more mixed review, and on the whole like Eric Laursen’s Duty to Stand Aside better.  (Laursen is a friend, so I don’t mind.)



And then, torture:

Years and year ago I did an interview with Humboldt Grassroots about my short collection Hurt: Notes on Torture in a Modern Democracy.  For some reason the interview just ran.  Hurt collects short pieces that I wrote alongside American Methods: Torture and the Logic of Domination.  It mostly captures the analysis without the gruesome details.  American Methods is now out of print, but Hurt is not.


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