Zine Mention (July 2024)


A friend sent me a couple photos of a zine they found in the little town of Sequim, Washington.  The Enemies mention warms my heart.



I’m pretty sure this is the author,  Clallam County’s first Poet Laureate.


Three Way Fight Book (June 2024)

Three Way Fight, an antifascist website I sometimes write for, has just released a new “best of” collection.  (No, I’m not in it.  Whether that is too bad, or counts as a point in its favor, I will let you decide.)

You can order the book from PM Press.

Three Way Fight Cover



Russian Translations (April 2024)

ZNet is hosting a number of my articles, translated into Russian.  They include essays on activism, policing, counterinsurgency, torture, and George Orwell.


Apparently in Russian my name looks like this: Крысціян Уільямс

Translated back into English:  Krystsiyan Williams

I will now accept either as acceptable spellings.


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