Three Way Fight Book (June 2024)

Three Way Fight, an antifascist website I sometimes write for, has just released a new “best of” collection.  (No, I’m not in it.  Whether that is too bad, or counts as a point in its favor, I will let you decide.)

You can order the book from PM Press.

Three Way Fight Cover



Russian Translations (April 2024)

ZNet is hosting a number of my articles, translated into Russian.  They include essays on activism, policing, counterinsurgency, torture, and George Orwell.


Apparently in Russian my name looks like this: Крысціян Уільямс

Translated back into English:  Krystsiyan Williams

I will now accept either as acceptable spellings.


Panel Talk at OSU (April 2024)

The amusingly-named Platypus Society is hosting a panel talk at Oregon State, and I’m going to be on it.


The Platypus Affiliated Society



Since 2020, the Left has undergone a transformation in organizing and self- conception. With the end of the Bernie Sanders movement, the lifting of COVID restrictions, and political disorientation under the Biden administration, horizons for the contemporary Left have shifted to street politics, taking up popular discontents with racism, climate change, and American foreign policy. This recalls images of the past–not only of the Late 60s and 70s, but the early moments of the Millennial Left, born out of Occupy, the Anti-War Movement, and the shadow of Anarchism in the 80s and 90s.

How have the politics of protest been impacted by the Biden administration and the looming specter of Trump? Are the horizons of possibility for the Left today greater than they were ten years ago?


@6pm Strand Hall 163

Oregon State University, Corvallis

Doug Lain //Sublation Media

Rajeev Ravisankar//GTFF-AFT Local 3544

Randy Taylor//Industrial Workers of the World

Kristian Williams //author of Whither Anarchism? and Gang Politics

panel discussion


To request accessibility accommodations contact

Hosted by The Platypus Affiliated Society @ OSU


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