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A Movie and a Review (Nov. 2015)

I have a short interview in the new film by Scott Noble, Plutocracy: Divide et Impera (Divide and Rule). The movie offers a look at the role of class conflict in U.S. history, especially in the nineteenth century. I (predictably) talk about the role of the police.

Meanwhile —

I was interested to see a blog post about Our Enemies in Blue by Greg Saville, a former cop turned public safety consultant. He begins: “This week I heard from two old friends, an ex-police chief and a current chief. … [O]ne offered, “there needs to be a new narrative”. The other, surprisingly, referred me to the controversial anti-police book by Kristian Williams, Our Enemies in Blue: Police Power in America.” He clearly disagrees with a lot of my conclusions, but the review is pretty fair, and he even defends me against a troll in the comment section: “Even unpopular anti-police critiques are worth a read!”

It’s strange to think of a police chief reading my book, and stranger to think of him recommending it to a friend. I wonder what they get out of it.

Howard Zinn Book Fair (Nov. 15, 2015)

On November 15, I’ll be presenting at the Howard Zinn Book Fair, alongside Windy Click of the California Coalition for Women Prisoners. I’ll talk a little about Our Enemies in Blue and Fire the Cops, and Windy will discuss CCWP, but then I think most of the hour will be open for a broader discussion.

Here are the details:

Sunday, November 15, 2015, 11am – noon
Rosa Luxumburg Room (room 214)
City College of San Francisco, Mission Campus (1125 Valencia)