More War (January 2011)

I’ve written a lot about war the past couple months — war and comics.

The most involved is a six-part series for The Comics Journal on Garth Ennis’s stories of ariel combat.

Also for The Comics Journal, I wrote a review of the latest installment of Weird War Tales.

Doonesbury turned forty a couple months ago. Garry Trudeau put out a retrospective collection. And I wrote an essay about it for The World and I. (It’s online, but you have to have a subscription to see it. Sorry.) The essay it not only, or even mainly, about war; but it does talk quite a bit about the ways that Trudeau’s depiction of war has changed, and the ways that the experience of war changed the character B.D.

And finally: The Anarcho-Syndicalist Review reprinted my four-part series on the Spanish Civil War in Comics. ASR isn’t online, but the original is at The Comics Journal. The new version is shorter, but it has a stronger conclusion.

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