Counterinsurgency; Agents Provocateurs; Accountability or Abolition? (June 2011)

The May issue of Interface includes an article I’ve written on counterinsurgency and community policing. It extends the argument from Our Enemies in Blue, and it includes discussion of recent developments in COIN theory, in military doctrine, and in police/military collaborations.

I’ve also just written a piece, “Profiles of Provocateurs,” looking at a few recent cases of anarchists or radical environmentalists being entrapped by state agents. In an effort to learn from past mistakes, I point out some of the warning signs that the victims of these campaigns overlooked, or sometimes, deliberately ignored. I’m posting the essay to various activist sites.

And, I took my lecture from the “Law and Disorder” conference, and turned it into a small essay. The piece considers the political and strategic divergences between the police accountability framework and that of police abolition, and it describes the areas of overlap where cooperation between the adherents of each can cooperate. It’s appeared in the most recent issue (#106) of the Canadian journal Slingshot.

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