New Article (October 2008): Torture and Democracy

I’ve written a review of Darius Rejali’s massive study, Torture and Democracy (Princeton University Press, 2007):

“Hidden Torture, False Democracy.” International Socialist Review. September-October 2008.

You can read it online at:

This essay largely directs criticism toward Rejali’s idea of “democracy.” In a forthcoming piece for Make/Shift I will also examine his definition of “torture.”

New Article (September 2008): Guns and Race

Peter Little and I have an article in the latest issue of In These Times, taking on the gun control debate:

“Talking About Guns, Fighting About Race.” In These Times. September 2008.

You can see it here:

Most of the comments at the In These Times site concern the law enforcement aspect of our argument. Critics question whether the criminal justice system does, in fact, unfairly target people of color. I’ve addressed this issue at length in my book Our Enemies in Blue. A short excerpt appeared on the Bring The Ruckus site a few years ago, and is now archived at

If you enjoy the ITT piece, I’d also encourage you to read Little’s earlier article on the Portland Gun Show:

He and I are already working on a longer piece on the same topic. I’ll let you know when it’s in print.

Talking About Prisons, Writing About Comics

Sasha Abramsky and I will appear together on the WBAI program Equal Time for Free Thought on August 3. We’ll be discussing the US prison system and the roots of our peculiarly punitive culture. The interview will be archived here.

Meanwhile, Radovan Karadzic was arrested for war crimes last week. (Read the BBC’s profile of Karadzic) In 2007, I’d interviewed comics journalist Joe Sacco about his meeting with Karadzic — and just re-posted the interview.

Otherwise, I’ve mostly been reviewing comics while I work on more involved research projects.

I reviewed Garfield Minus Garfield for Check out the comic at

I also wrote a review of Mike Carey’s God Save the Queen for the July issue of The Comics Journal. It’s not online, though.

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