Science Fiction, Science Fact (April 2015)

In Octavia’s Brood a couple dozen left-wing, anti-racist, and feminist organizers tell science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories as a way to reflect on the experience of oppression and exploitation, the challenges of resistance, and the possibility of a just world.  I interviewed one of the book’s editors, Walidah Imarisha, for the Bitch Magazine website.  She talked about the politics of sci-fi, media literacy, and the left’s tendency to be dismissive of popular culture.

Coincidentally, I’ve also written a bit lately about real-world technology — advances in computing, specifically.

First, I wrote an essay about superhero tropes in the Oscar-winning Alan Turing biopic, The Imitation Game.

Then, I wrote a review of Bruce Schneier’s latest, Data and Goliath, about the dangers of mass surveillance.


Interview on Militarization (April 2015)

The latest issue of the War Resister’s League’s magazine WIN features an interview in which I discuss the militarization of the police, counterinsurgency, and the possibilities for nonviolent participation in militant struggle.