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If you are on Mastodon, you can now follow Kristian there to get notifications of new posts on this page. His account is It’s just an automatic feed from this site. He won’t be checking in there. So if you want to contact him, e-mail is still your best bet.


Abolition Review (November 2023)

Colin Kaepernick put together a pretty decent collection about Police/Prison Abolition.  I wrote a review for Against the Current arguing that the book is weak on class analysis, and explaining why I think that is a problem.  I should stress, though, that it represents practically a unique contribution to the abolitionist literature, in that it is extremely accessible and seems to be designed for study groups.

Order the book from Haymarket Press, and start a study group today!

Normandale Park (April 2023)

My new essay in Truthout looks at the tales the Portland Police spun about a mass shooting, and situates that episode as part of a decades-long pattern of facilitating right-wing violence.

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Update:  Solidarity has re-printed the article.

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