French Collection (February 2023)

Lux Éditeur has just released a collection titled 1312 Raisons d’Abolir la Police.  It looks great.  I wish I could read it!

Alongside heavy-hitters like Alex Vitale, Dylan Rodriguez, and Mark Neocleous, I also contributed an essay, “Á Quoi Doit Servir le Copwatching?”  It is a translation of “Making Copwatch Matter,” which anglophones can find in Fire the Cops.


Image du produit 1312 raisons d'abolir la police    

(images not to scale)


Free E-books (January 2023)

AK Press is offering free e-books to help people make sense of the death of Tyre Nichols and the attempts to control the public’s reaction.  I am proud to say that Our Enemies in Blue is one book on offer.  The other two are William C. Anderson’s The Nation on No Map and Zoé Samudzi’s As Black as Resistance.

The Nation on No Map e-book  As Black as Resistance e-book  Our Enemies in Blue e-book

Audio Book (August 2022)

Do you like books, but can’t figure out how to read while cleaning the house, raking leaves, working in the garage, or driving in rush-hour traffic?  That’s what audiobooks are for!

Apparently there is one for Gang Politics.

cover art for Gang Politics audio book

Enforcing Ecocide (July 2022)

I’ve written the foreword to a new collection, Enforcing Ecocide: Power, Policing & Planetary Militarization, edited by Alexander Dunlap and Andrea Brock.

Book cover

Here’s a bit from the foreword:

Enforcing Ecocide collects evidence from around the world to illustrate the fundamental connections between state violence, capitalist accumulation, and environmental destruction. It thus helps bring into focus the precise nature of the problem we are facing. It is now far too late to prevent catastrophic climate change; any realistic strategy must turn its energies to mitigation and adaptation. The state will attempt to adapt via increased militarism and authoritarianism, because the first imperative of state power is to preserve state power. In our present circumstances, that demand may be at odds with the survival of humanity.


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