Abolition Review (November 2023)

Colin Kaepernick put together a pretty decent collection about Police/Prison Abolition.  I wrote a review for Against the Current arguing that the book is weak on class analysis, and explaining why I think that is a problem.  I should stress, though, that it represents practically a unique contribution to the abolitionist literature, in that it is extremely accessible and seems to be designed for study groups.


Order the book from Haymarket Press, and start a study group today!

Normandale Park (April 2023)

My new essay in Truthout looks at the tales the Portland Police spun about a mass shooting, and situates that episode as part of a decades-long pattern of facilitating right-wing violence.

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Update:  Solidarity has re-printed the article.

French Collection (February 2023)

Lux Éditeur has just released a collection titled 1312 Raisons d’Abolir la Police.  It looks great.  I wish I could read it!

Alongside heavy-hitters like Alex Vitale, Dylan Rodriguez, and Mark Neocleous, I also contributed an essay, “Á Quoi Doit Servir le Copwatching?”  It is a translation of “Making Copwatch Matter,” which anglophones can find in Fire the Cops.


Image du produit 1312 raisons d'abolir la police              https://towardfreedom.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/0-1-0-firethecops_2jpg.jpg

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