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Two Talks (October 2018)

I’ll be in Baltimore and Washington, DC this week, giving a pair of talks with Eric Laursen.  We’ll discuss George Orwell and Alex Comfort, war and peace, anarchism and pacifism, honesty and integrity, ethics and politics, and whatever else occurs to us.  Details are below.


Wednesday, October 10, 7pm
Red Emma’s
1225 Cathedral Street

Friday, October 12, 6:30pm
The Potter’s House
1658 Columbia Road NW
Washington, DC

Orwell Illustrated (September 2018)

Orwell for Beginners has been updated expanded as George Orwell Illustrated.


The new edition includes a previously undiscovered manifesto authored by Orwell, with revisions by Arthur Koestler and Bertrand Russell, calling for the creation of an international democratic-socialist human rights organization.  Unfortunately, however, the volume’s illustrations have not improved over the past 35 years.  Still, it serves as a pretty good introduction to Orwell’s life and thought.

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