Fire the Cops! (October 2014)

I am pleased to announce the publication of Fire the Cops!, a collection of articles on policing I’ve written over the past ten years, since the first publication of Our Enemies in Blue.

Individual chapters examine the relationship between violence and legitimacy (and crises of legitimacy), the cops’ class position and their interactions with the Occupy movement and the Wisconsin public employee strike, political repression and domestic counterinsurgency, and the tension between demands for accountability and the struggle for abolition. Illustrating the text are beautiful photographs by Bette Lee.

Fire the Cops! can be read as a supplement to Our Enemies in Blue, or on its own, as a series of attempts to apply historical lessons to events as they unfold.

Fire the Cops!

The book costs $20, and if you order directly from me (that is, not from the publisher or though Amazon), I’ll send you both Fire the Cops and Our Enemies in Blue for $30.

UPDATE 12/9/14: OUR ENEMIES IN BLUE IS NOW OUT OF STOCK AND OUT OF PRINT.  You can still order Fire the Cops! from me for $20.

Just send me a check, your mailing address, and a note as to whether you’d like the books signed: Kristian Williams, PO Box 11112, Portland OR 97211


Red Dawn and World War 3 (Oct 2014)

I have a short essay on Hooded Utilitarian about Red Dawn — the original and the remake.  In it, I argue that the politics of the films are more complicated than they first appear, and I ask how it is that we come to interpret political propaganda.

Meanwhile, I’ve written a more straightforward review of the recent World War 3 Illustrated collection.  It appeared in the Progressive Populist last month.

And I’ve written a couple short news notices for  One provides an overview of the July-August Monthly Review, on “surveillance capitalism.”  The other points to the Edge City Collective‘s analysis of the geography of repression in Ferguson.