Red Dawn and World War 3 (Oct 2014)

I have a short essay on Hooded Utilitarian about Red Dawn — the original and the remake.  In it, I argue that the politics of the films are more complicated than they first appear, and I ask how it is that we come to interpret political propaganda.

Meanwhile, I’ve written a more straightforward review of the recent World War 3 Illustrated collection.  It appeared in the Progressive Populist last month.

And I’ve written a couple short news notices for  One provides an overview of the July-August Monthly Review, on “surveillance capitalism.”  The other points to the Edge City Collective‘s analysis of the geography of repression in Ferguson.


Ferguson Roundtable (Sept. 2014)

In These Times recently hosted a discussion on police brutality, the Ferguson riots, and the possibilities — and limits — of police reform.  I took part, alongside Frank Chapman, an organizer with the National Alliance Against Racism and Political Repression, Frederick Collins, a Chicago cop and mayoral candidate, and Jessica Stites, ITT‘s web editor and facilitator for the conversation.

The ITT piece follows a similar discussion I was part of on the Marc Steiner Show, and an interview I did with KBOO, both last month.