Enemies Excerpts (October 2015)

Here’s a round-up of the published excerpts from the new edition of Our Enemies in Blue:

“On Police Injustice: ‘Fires of Rebellion Burn with Rage, but they Shine with Hope’.” Truthout. September 18, 2015.

“A Storm in New Orleans: Looking Back at Katrina.” International Socialist Review. Fall 2015. (This one isn’t on the web. Sorry.)

“A Look at Feminist Forms of Justice that Don’t Involve the Police.” BitchMedia.org. August 20, 2015. (Reprinted in Toward Freedom. August 26, 2015.)

“Looking Left, Leaning Right.” Toward Freedom. August 4, 2015.

“Poverty Crime, Privileged Crime: Policing and Economic Inequality.” Dollars and Sense. July/August 2015.

“Civil Rights With Guns: Alternatives to Police in the Black Freedom Movement.” Oregon Humanities. Summer 2015.

Truthout and Forthcoming Engagements (September 2015)

Truthout named Our Enemies in Blue as this week’s “Progressive Pick,” which is certainly flattering. As a result, they ran a long excerpt about the events of Ferguson, New York City, and beyond. And they interviewed me about police discretion, race, class, and militarization.


I’m going to be on the doing a couple speaking events in the next few days.

First, I’ll be in Buffalo on Thursday, Sept 24, speaking at Burning Books at 7pm.

Then, on Sunday, September 27, at 4pm, I’ll be speaking in the Radical Pavilion at the Baltimore Book Festival.

Both places I’ll be speaking about Our Enemies in Blue and Fire the Cops!