Forthcoming: A Book on Orwell (May 2017)

AK Press just listed Between the Bullet and the Lie, a collection of essays I’ve written about Orwell.

As I write in the introduction:

“Roughly the first half of the book is occupied with my efforts to understand various aspects of Orwell’s outlook—his ethics, his patriotism, his emotional life. The second half attempts to apply his thought to a range of political (and to a lesser degree, literary) questions that trouble us today. My aim has not been to treat him as an oracle issuing sacred decrees, but instead to see how his thought can help us to understand the circumstances in which we find ourselves.”

The book will be out in November, but it’s not too early to order a copy.


Interview about Community Policing (March 2017)

A few days ago I spoke with Stéphane Doucet on Winnipeg’s CKUW 95.9FM about the history and dangers of community policing. The interview is online here.