Political Policing (August 2015)

The U.S. government and its local counterparts have been far more eager to spy on, infiltrate, disrupt, and prosecute activists on the left than on the right — even though the right wing has generally been more prone to violence.

In an excerpt from the revised edition of Our Enemies in Blue, I consider why that is, and how the left/right discrepancy relates to other police biases, especially involving race.

Poverty Crime, Privileged Crime (July 2015)

The third edition of Our Enemies in Blue is going to be released in a couple weeks. In anticipation, I adapted some of the book’s arguments for an essay in Dollars and Sense. In it, I contrast the legal treatment of offenses associated with poverty and those associated with wealth. In other words: crack versus powder, welfare fraud versus corporate fraud, urban camping versus drunk driving.