Whither Anarchism? (April 2018)

Just in time for May Day, AK Press is releasing a pamphlet comprising three of my essays about anarchism. In the first, I consider how I understand anarchism and why I adhere to it. The second, and longest, looks at the current state of the anarchist movement in the United States, the history that led us to this point, and the necessity of a thoroughgoing reassessment and renewal of our theories and our movements. The final essay then considers the prerequisites for the kind of critical re-imagining I think necessary.


Talking about Police in Denver (4.21.18)

April 21 I will be in Denver, speaking at the Washington Park United Church of Christ (400 South Williams Street). I will outline the history of policing in the United States, from the colonial slave patrols to our present period of militarization and community policing. A panel discussion featuring local organizers will follow. The event starts at 5:30. Further details are here.