Interview about Community Policing (March 2017)

A few days ago I spoke with St├ęphane Doucet on Winnipeg’s CKUW 95.9FM about the history and dangers of community policing. The interview is online here.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews (March 2017)

Three new reviews, each different from the others:

Most substantively, I wrote about Mark Greif’s essay collection Against Everything for Toward Freedom. “Review” might not be the right term, though, since I really use my reading of Greif’s work to launch a broader exploration of the essay form and the ways that readers come to trust or distrust writers.

Less weighty, more fun: At In These Times, I have a review of the Fox series APB, a show about how policing would be done if Steve Jobs were in charge.

And finally, last year I wrote a review of Queering Anarchism for Perspectives on Anarchist Theory (which I also help to edit). The Institute for Anarchist Studies just posted it on the web site.