Perspectives on Anarchist Theory fundraiser (Feb 2016)

I’ve recently joined the editorial collective of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, the journal of the Institute for Anarchist Studies. Our new issue, on anarchafeminism, is ready to go to the printer but we need to raise some money to cover the costs.

Therefore, we’re running an internet fundraiser.


“Our new issue focuses on anarcha-feminisms, and includes a wide variety of voices on the subject. It will offer histories of anarcha-feminism, while also looking at ways anarchist feminism can move forward, what the relationship between anarchism and feminism is and the ways the anarchist movement falls short from a feminist perspective. We are turning to you to help fund the design, layout, printing and mailing costs for this issue. With your help, we’ll be able to publish 1,000 copies and mail it to bookstores, distributors and people like you around the world.”

Please donate generously! And look for the issue in a month or so.

Marx vs. Bakunin, round one (February 2016)

My latest at Toward Freedom is a review of Robert Graham’s history of the First International, We Do Not Fear Anarchy, We Invoke It. I consider what that history tells us about anarchism, marxism, and the left more broadly.

For instance: “More than a century after the rift, this awkward origin story continues to reverberate, as increasing numbers of anarchists conceive of themselves as being “post-left.” There is a sense in which anarchism was always post-left — the result of a break with Marxism, the party form, and state socialism, at precisely the moment that those ideas achieved dominance within the radical movement. That made anarchism a kind of heretical cult, in the shadow of the established Marxist church. In another sense, however, anarchism represented a continuation of the left by other means, and a loyal (sometimes purist) adherence to the original, half-forgotten ideals of liberty, equality, and solidarity.”