Practical Advice for the Unruly (June 2020)

Aric McBay has written a massive two-volume handbook for radical political action, titled Full-Spectrum Resistance.  It offers a theory of social change and practical advice on strategy, organizing, communication, and the like, all illustrated with historical case studies.

I wrote a review for Roar, highlighting the the many virtues and (fewer) shortcomings of the book, along with some ideas of how organizations might use it.

Anger and Grief (June 2020)

Around the country, and even around the world, cities have exploded in anger over police violence, triggered by the murder of George Floyd.  I’ve written a short essay for Roar examining the particular character of the unrest, and its relationship to concessions and reforms (on the one hand) and the goal of abolition (on the other).

I then elaborate on the theme in an interview with Hard Crackers.

I’ve also written a more personal essay, reflecting on the experience of losing my father in the midst of a pandemic.  That one is at the AK Press blog.


Rights, Riots, and Our Enemies in Blue (May 2020)

Cities across the country are burning, after police in Minneapolis killed an African-American man who was already in restraints.  Of course those in the streets have a very clear idea of why this is happening, but for the puzzled observer, Roar has published an excerpt from my book Our Enemies in Blue, discussing the function of riots as a response to police brutality.

And for those curious about the historical roots of policing and the structural role of police brutality, AK Press is offering Enemies at a deep discount for the next couple days.



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