Interviews: Counterinsurgency and Mutual Aid (July 2020)

It’s Going Down interviewed me about the present unrest, the coming repression, and how both relate to counterinsurgency.  It sums up a lot of what I’ve said in my recent writing, but in a convenient hour-long format that you can listen to while doing the dishes.

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Solidarity, meanwhile, has run an edited transcript of my interview with Bill Resnick about mutual aid, historically and at present, in theory and in practice.

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me, me, media (July 2020)

Our Enemies in Blue has been getting a bit of media attention the last few weeks, during which time the title has stopped sounding like a provocation and started sounding like elementary common sense.

I’ve been quoted in the Washington Post and Teen Vogue, as well as in Showing Up for Racial Justice’s “Call to White People.”  I didn’t realize that appearing in Teen Vogue was a goal of mine until it happened, but now I am inordinately proud of the fact.

Our Enemies in Blue has also appeared on a number of reading lists, including the Oregonian‘s “35 Books about Race, Recommended by Black Portland Writers,” New York Magazine‘s “The Best Histories of U.S. Policing, According to Experts,” and in the UK, the Turnaround blog’s “Black Lives Matter Reading List.” And it featured in Glitter‘s list of free audiobooks about “racism, sexism, and more.”

It is nice to be noticed.

Practical Advice for the Unruly (June 2020)

Aric McBay has written a massive two-volume handbook for radical political action, titled Full-Spectrum Resistance.  It offers a theory of social change and practical advice on strategy, organizing, communication, and the like, all illustrated with historical case studies.

I wrote a review for Roar, highlighting the the many virtues and (fewer) shortcomings of the book, along with some ideas of how organizations might use it.

Anger and Grief (June 2020)

Around the country, and even around the world, cities have exploded in anger over police violence, triggered by the murder of George Floyd.  I’ve written a short essay for Roar examining the particular character of the unrest, and its relationship to concessions and reforms (on the one hand) and the goal of abolition (on the other).

I then elaborate on the theme in an interview with Hard Crackers.

I’ve also written a more personal essay, reflecting on the experience of losing my father in the midst of a pandemic.  That one is at the AK Press blog.


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